Recreational Activities to Rejuvenate your Body and Soul

Leading an active lifestyle is crucial to health and well being. Contrary to general notions, this has got nothing to do with age. A person in the 70s might not be able to go on strenuous day long hikes like he/she did in the 30s or even 40s but that does not mean that all doors to recreational activities are closed.

The first crucial step is to start any activity that promotes a non-sedentary life style. Some of them like mountaineering and snowboarding will require special skills but others like hiking and trekking will require a good pair of shoes and plenty of stamina.

So what do you do? Here is a compilation of popular recreational activities that you can try out as food for your body and soul.

Deep Sea Fishing

As the name of the activity suggests, it means going out into the deep sea and tackling such large and exotic fishes as Marlin. However, if you are new to it, it is advisable not to buy or rent a boat and go out on your own. Hitch a ride on a trawler of someone you know who is a regular at deep sea fishing. Know how to handle special fishing gear that is made for deep sea catches. Once you have picked up the ropes you can form a team and have the time of your life out in the seas.

Bird Watching

It is estimated that there are over 10,000 species of bird species and only about 7,000 of them have been spotted till date. Hence there will always be an element of mystery and surprise when you go bird watching. A pair of powerful binoculars, good walking shoes to trek in the wild and plenty of luck is all that you will need for bird spotting. It is one of the best ways to enjoy nature. But before you start off, read and research on the birds spotted in the area that you are planning to visit.

Alpine skiing

This is one of the most exhilarating recreational activities that you can possibly take up. It began as a club sport at Kiandra in Australia in 1861 and is today popularly known as downhill skiing. You can take up this sport in most ski resorts in the world. A ski lift will take you up the mountain from where you can ski downhill. The views and the experience will surely be breathtaking. However, it is advisable to be supremely fit for alpine skiing.

Back packing overnight

This is not to be confused with the usual concept of backpacking where you pack your rucksack and go on a long and extended vacation. Overnight backpacking is usually for a day or two where you visit remote locations that are usually not accessible by any other means of transport other than trekking and hiking there. It also involves camping out. It is a beautiful way to enjoy nature at its best.

These are some of the possible recreational activities you can try out for a healthy and fulfilling life.